Soil Testing and Structure Assessments

Healthy soils mean healthy farms

ADAS consultants are highly qualified in offering independent soil surveys for identifying the health and nutrient content of your soils. Let us help you maintain and improve your soils in the journey to building an even more efficient and profitable farm business.

The physical health of soil is key to plant performance. Good soil allows rapid germination, even establishment, good rooting, improved water infiltration, and better moisture retention.

Good soil structure reduces the risk of erosion. Soil particles hold nutrients, especially phosphorous, so soil erosion also causes nutrient losses from the soil. These soil particles can potentially enter watercourses where they contribute to sedimentation and nutrient pollution, both of which are high priorities in many river catchments across the UK.

Soil health is likely to be influenced by the Agriculture Bill (2018) and soil health is one of the ‘public goods’ which farmers will be paid for under the proposed new Environmental Land Management System. This means understanding the health of your soil will be increasingly important in the years ahead.

Our consultants use soil pits to assess soil structure, giving an insight into the physical health of your soil. From this assessment, we can provide advice on the most appropriate cultivations and remedial operations to rectify any problems, maximising your soil’s full potential, whilst reducing environmental impact.

Our services include:

  • Soil Health and Structure Assessment
  • Practical Cultivations Advice
  • Financial appraisals of current and alternative cultivation systems

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