Farm Compliance and Legislation

The legislation which farm businesses have to comply with is constantly evolving, putting increasing pressure on farmers to keep up with the changes and meet regulatory requirements. ADAS can provide support to ensure you remain fully compliant with all current legislations and requirements relevant to your farm business.

Our team of consultants always keep up to date with current legislation and can provide guidance on any issues that exist on farm. We can also provide specific services to meet statutory requirements, such as soil sampling and nutrient management to meet the farming rules for water (reduction and prevention of agricultural diffuse pollution regulations) and Nitrate Vulnerable Zone requirements.

In addition to legal requirements, we can support farmers in complying with non-statutory requirements such as those imposed by farm assurance schemes.

We can provide advice on meeting all statutory and non-statutory requirements, including:

  • Cross Compliance
  • NVZ regulations
  • SSAFO regulations
  • Agri-environment obligations
  • Farming rules for water
  • Organic farming requirements
  • Farm assurance schemes
  • Environmental Permitting

To discuss your requirements contact Mel Holloway, Senior Agriculture Consultant



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