All birds and their nests are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). This applies to all bird species, common or rare. Some species are given further protection and listed under Schedule 1, Part I of the Act. These include species like barn owl which are given additional protection from disturbance while breeding.

In most cases this means avoiding site clearance works during the breeding bird season (March to August, inclusive) or having an ecologist undertake a pre-clearance check for active nests. However, for potentially higher impact projects, such as wind farms, more complex surveys can be required, such as vantage point surveys (VPs), breeding bird transects or wintering bird surveys.

ADAS ornithologists can also undertake various other bird surveys, including point counts, surveys using common bird census (CBC) methodology, Wetland Bird Surveys (WeBS) and Brown and Shepherd methodology surveys for upland birds.

ADAS has experienced ornithologists located across the country ready to help. ADAS provide robust and pragmatic solutions for developments to satisfy the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the EIA Directive, the Habitats Directive and local and national planning policy.

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