Land referencing

Land Referencing Services

We have in-house agricultural land ownership data including records of over 10,000 land parcel and owner contacts. ADAS also has relationships with many farmers and landowners through our farm consultants who provide advice on a regular basis on farming and business related topics. ADAS understands farmers, farming and farming businesses and advises on the implication of diversification projects on mainstream farming. Our name is trusted throughout the farming community.

Since 2010 ADAS has specialised in finding & assessing sites for a range of energy projects and placing them with third party developers to deliver a solution to the landowner. We have also assisted individual landowners to go down the self-development route by carrying out site feasibility, planning  and grid connection applications and project managing system installation.

Our unique selling point is our reputation in the agricultural community combined with our technical site finding & feasibility expertise and planning capability. We can demonstrate, via a track record of successful projects, that our approach is effective and results in the identification of viable projects.

In the past six years we have successfully delivered work for a range of clients including:

  • Gasrec (LNG Fuels)
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Solar Park Developments/Novus Energy/Island Green Power
  • REPD/Energi Ltd
  • Caddick Developments/CO2 Sense/PEP
  • Njord Energy
  • Telecom Holdings Ltd
  • Earthmill Ltd/Fine Energy

Site Screening

Site-screening is carried out using ADAS’ in-house GIS mapping tool which provides information on constraints like Agricultural Land Classification (ALC), flood risk, green belt, environmental/historic land designations, residential properties and can import additional data such as grid network asset locations. We can generate bespoke maps to show information to suit. The project team have used the screening tool since its initial development in 2010, to screen more than 1,000 sites for wind, solar PV, hydro, PPG and battery storage schemes. Where required for individual projects, we can create new or combined layers for specific project criteria. 

Landowner Engagement

ADAS consultants’ day-to-day experience with farmers and landowners puts them in an ideal position to raise new proposals for developing their land. Based on our previous experience we can engage with landowners quickly and effectively by: 

  • Making best use of in-house data to quickly generate contact details and farm boundary maps 
  • Using existing relationships with landowners to introduce proposals from a trusted source
  • Exploring relationships with farming networks and professional advisory bodies to communicate with multiple landowners
  • Build on ADAS’ reputation for independent advice by providing balanced information

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  • I was very impressed with how they were able to undertake the works ahead of programme and would not hesitate to use them again for future works.

    Robin How
    Project Manager, Kier

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