Horticulture Plant Pathology

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Our services

  • Bespoke design, implementation and analysis of crop protection trials; outdoor and protected crops and post-harvest storage
  • Pathogen isolation and in vitro testing of actives against specific pathogens
  • Small scale laboratory, glass house and field scale studies
  • Modelling and disease forecasting
  • ADAS Plant Clinic: pathogen identification
  • Advisory service
    • Bespoke spray programmes
    • IPM planning
    • Crop safety
    • Pesticide use; legislation and resistance management
    • Biofungicide use; application and efficacy


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Meet the team

Dr Barry Mulholland

Dr Barry Mulholland

 +44 (0)7805 581125


Why us?

  • United Kingdom Chemical Regulations Directorate recognised
  • Competent to carry out efficacy testing
  • Agriculture/horticulture, biologicals, semiochemicals and stored crops
  • ORETO Efficacy Testing Certificate No. 374
  • BASIS and FACTS qualified consultants

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