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Developing solutions and delivering specialist advice to growers

Research and technical consultancy services for the nursery stock, protected ornamentals and cut flower sectors.

Our services:


  • Crop nutrition
  • Pesticide efficacy and crop safety
  • Physiological disorders
  • Crop scheduling
  • Plant growth control 

Advisory service

  • Crop  walking
  • Growing media, crop nutrition and analysis interpretation
  • ICM planning and implementation
  • Pest, disease and weed management
  • Biological pest and disease control
  • Pesticide application best practice
  • Pesticide use, legislation and resistance management
  • Plant growth control; cultural and chemical
  • Bespoke spray programmes
  • Expert witness services

ADAS Technical Notes issued monthly


  • Atwood J and Talbot D (2016). UK Container grown nursery stock residual herbicide programmes.  7th International Weed Science Congress, June 2016, Prague. Presentation
  • Barry J Mulholland, Keith Waldron, Andrew Watson, Graham Moates, Chloe Whiteside, Julian Davies, Sonia Newman and Ryan Hickinbotham (2017) The transition to responsibly sourced growing media for UK Horticulture. Paper presented at ISHS Growing media Symposium Portland Oregon August 2017 (In press).
  • Bennison, J., Brown, S. (2017). A ‘little and often’ system for application of entomopathogenic nematodes for vine weevil control in hardy ornamental nursery stock. Integrated Control in Protected Crops, Temperate Climate IOBC-WPRS Bulletin Vol. 124, 2017 pp. 88-94
  • England J, Mayne S, Hough G, Talbot D, Whiteside C, Worrall E, and Elliot J (2014) Scoping Study on Tree and Shrub Nursery Labelling / Accreditation / Assurance Scheme.  Horticulture Trades Association.
  • England J, Pabla M, Roberts H, Nicholson C and Talbot D (2014) Developing a robust scheme for assessing the responsible sourcing and manufacture of growing media.
  • England J, Skirvin D and Whiteside C (2016) The role of environmental factors in the incidence of Pansy mottle syndrome.  AHDB project PO 016.
  • Fox A, Harju V, Skelton A, Jackson L, Buxton-Kirk A, Forde S, England J, Lazenby M, Suarez-Martinez F, Adams I (2016) First report of Viola white distortion associated virus in Viola tricolor in the United Kingdom. New Disease Reports 34, 1. [].
  • Messelink, G., Bennison, J., Alomar, O., Ingegno, B.L., Tavella, L., Shipp, L., Palevsky, E. & Wackers, F. (2014).  Approaches to conserving natural enemy populations in greenhouse crops:  current methods and future prospects.  BioControl 59(4), 377-393.
  • Mulholland BJ, Waldron K, Bragg N, Newman S, Tapp H, Hickinbotham R, Moates G, Smith J, Kavanagh A, Marshall A, Whiteside C, Kingston H (2016). Technical monograph: Growing Media Laboratory Methods. ©ADAS, ISBN 978-1-5262-0393-9, 24 pp.
  • Talbot D and Basford B (2015) Improving the efficacy of plant protection applications to ornamental crops via hand-held sprayers. HDC Factsheet 06/15 pp8.
  • Wedgwood, E. and Robinson R. (2016). Control of heuchera rust. Factsheet 09/16. AHDB Horticulture.

Meet the team


Dr Barry Mulholland

 +44 (0)7805 581125


United Kingdom Chemical Regulations Directorate recognised

✔ Competent to carry out efficacy testing
✔ Agriculture/horticulture, biologicals,
    semiochemicals and stored crops
✔ ORETO Efficacy Testing Certificate No. 374
✔ BASIS and FACTS qualified consultants

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