Horticulture Field Vegetables

Developing solutions and delivering specialist advice to growers

With projects throughout the UK, the ADAS Horticulture Field Vegetable Team comprises technical consultants who work with a wide variety of crops and cropping systems.

Our services

  • Research
    • Crop nutrition
    • Pesticide efficacy
    • Crop safety
    • Novel cropping systems and organic growing
  • Modelling and pest forecasting; ADAS Cutworm Prediction Service 
  • Advisory service
    • Crop walking
    • Growing media, crop nutrition and analysis interpretation
    • ICM planning and implementation
    • Pest, disease and weed management
    • Biological pest and disease control
    • Pesticide application best practice
    • Pesticide use, legislation and resistance management
    • Plant growth control; cultural and chemical
    • Bespoke spray programmes
  • ​ADAS Vegetable Technical Notes issued monthly 


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  • Huckle A and Creed C.  (2016) Weed control in Rhubarb.  AHDB Factsheet 27/16
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  • Huckle AJ,  Atwood  J, Tatnell L, Richardson A, Knott C, and O’Neill T (2011) Solutions to the loss of active ingredients for weed control in field vegetable and fruit crops.  Joint meeting of the European Weed Research Society working groups, weed management systems in vegetables and weed management in arid and semi-arid climates. Presentation
  • Wedgwood, E. (2016). Management of celery leaf spot. Update to Factsheet 09/04. AHDB Horticulture.

Meet the team

Dr Barry Mulholland

 +44 (0)7805 581125


United Kingdom Chemical Regulations Directorate recognised

✔ Competent to carry out efficacy testing
✔Agriculture/horticulture, biologicals,
    semiochemicals and stored crops
✔ ORETO Efficacy Testing Certificate No. 374
✔ BASIS and FACTS qualified consultants

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