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ADAS Horticulture Audit Team

Quality, Benchmarking, Competence and Conformity

These are the bywords of the team which comprises a unique blend of independent technical consultants with expertise spanning all sectors of horticulture.

Our services:

  • Auditing services
    • Quality assurance
    • Conservation audits
    • Environmental audits
    • LEAF Marque
    • BOPP
  • Scheme management and administration
  • Bespoke scheme development
    • Scoping studies
    • Scheme design
    • Trial audits
    • Benchmarking
  • Business appraisal: council and commercial nurseries and farms


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  • England, J., Pabla, M., Roberts, H., Nicholson, C. and Talbot, D. (2014) Developing a robust scheme for assessing the responsible sourcing and manufacture of growing media.

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