Habitat Creation and Restoration

ADAS are able to provide a complete ‘one-stop’ shop and turn-key solution for projects that require habitat creation and restoration.

We are able to call upon the extensive experience of our in-house agronomists, soil scientists, ecologists, landscape managers and landscape designers, along with the extensive technical experience within our parent company RSK, to provide bespoke solutions for our clients, which are cost-effective, practical and pragmatic. 

Working collaboratively with our clients and colleagues, we have an in-depth understanding of the complex issues associated with habitat creation and restoration on sensitive terrestrial and aquatic sites. We also have significant experience in restoring habitats within ecologically degraded areas such as; arable fields and brownfield sites.

Our services include:

  • Grassland creation and restoration; including the creation of wildflower meadows, supplementary seeding, brush harvesting and green hay strewing;
  • Woodland creation and restoration, including the creation of glades, ride creation, native woodland planting, coppicing, pollarding and woodland scalloping;
  • Heathland creation and restoration, including heather harvesting, sensitive scrub clearance, tree removal, brash treatment, needle layer treatment, invasive species removal, soil acidity and nutrient status amelioration techniques, soil disturbance and removal techniques and planting;
  • River creation and restoration, including; in-channel enhancements, channel re-grading, re-meandering, coir rolls and pallets, course woody debris, large woody debris and riffle construction;
  • Pond creation and restoration, including: pond excavation, pond lining with bentonite and clay liners, clay puddling, pond planting, pond seeding and the creation of interlinked pond complexes

For more information, please contact

Dan Thomas
Tel: +44 (0)1173 004311 
Email: D.Thomas@rsk.co.uk

  • I was very impressed with how they were able to undertake the works ahead of programme and would not hesitate to use them again for future works.

    Robin How
    Project Manager, Kier

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