Emergency incident and spill response

Emergency incident and spill response service

Our parent company, RSK, has an established incident and spill response service. This service offers continuous 24-hour telephone coverage to provide rapid on-site assessment of incidents resulting from, for example, cable leaks, accidental discharges, fuel leaks, spills and vandalism.

RSK has over 20 years’ experience of providing this service to the private and public sectors through its 17 UK regional offices and in-house laboratory facilities. The service provides a cost-effective and immediate response to stabilise, assess and, if necessary, remediate the effects of pollution incidents.

Our aim is to support you through the process, minimise your likely financial and corporate costs, lead the clean-up process and liaise, as appropriate, with regulators, other authorities and stakeholders.

Emergency incident, spill response and clean-up

  • Established, reliable 24/7 telephone and email emergency service incident response processes
  • Initial spill investigations and mitigation
  • Proven leak response
  • Delineation and containment of contamination
  • Emergency clean-up
  • Pollution and incident risk assessments
  • Health and safety risk management
  • Provision of escalation procedures, including
    • incident ranking system
    • increased level and speed of reporting
    • communication management
  • Post-incident reports
  • CDM coordinator support
  • In-house laboratory services for chemical and geotechnical analysis
  • Client advocacy and regulatory liaison
  • Forensic environmental investigation

RSK’s help does not stop there. They can provide ongoing support through a range of interrelated services including site investigation and remediation site impact assessments.

UK Spill Association

RSK’s specialist unit has been accredited by the UK Spill Association’s accreditation scheme to the standards supported by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.


Project examples

Property developer

Multi-site contract. RSK has been working for one of the largest UK house builders for over 20 years. As part of a package of services, RSK provides incident response services to ensure the environmental security of construction sites on a 24/7 basis. Incidents may relate to accidental discharge of fuels, control of excessive surface run-off during storm conditions or the aftermath of acts of vandalism and theft.

Utility company

Multi-site term contract to investigate, control and remediate spills and seepages of electrical insulating oils from transmission cables and transformers resulting from equipment failure, accidents and vandalism.

Major international oil company

Multi-site contract as part of an asset management programme for a large international hydrocarbon company to provide group-wide incident response, due diligence assessments, site investigations, compliance audits and remediation design and contracting. The sites have included petrol filling stations, depots and terminals.

For further information, visit www.rsk.co.uk or contact:
Felipe Couto: fcouto@rsk.co.uk (Tel: +44 (0)117 947 1007)

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