ADAS provides best practice advice on soil use and management, soil quality, soil resource evaluation and protection, manufacture, remediation and storage.

Good soil management is essential to maintain a wide range of ecosystem services, including sustainable food production, water regulation and carbon storage, and to minimise diffuse pollution of the air and water environments.

We provide science-based research and strategic consultancy from a team of professionally qualified soil scientists (Institute of Professional Soil Scientists and Chartered Scientists), with a wealth of practical experience to deliver cost-effective management solutions, which meet all relevant codes of practice and legislation. Our nationwide distribution of ADAS staff and resources ensure a rapid response to meet local needs.

ADAS soil scientists have the scientific and technical expertise to translate the results from field-based research and desk-studies into practical solutions for Government, regulators and land-based industries.  We provide complete assessments of the quality and condition of soils to inform development or other activities, and also design schemes for the manufacture, remediation and storage of soils.

Our services include:

  • Applied research into the effects of soil management on soil quality and fertility
  • Strategic advice on the impacts of soil management and land use change on crop production, soil quality and environmental protection
  • Agricultural Land Classification (ALC)
  • Soil resource survey and strategic land assessments
  • Soil storage and management
  • Land restoration and remediation
  • Soil manufacture
  • Land valuation and rent reviews
  • Land drainage
  • Agricultural and ecological benefit statements for land reclamation and restoration projects
  • Site risk assessments for spreading organic materials
  • Contaminated land assessments (Phase 1)

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