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The list price of each kit and its analysis is £165.00 ex VAT (standard service), £240.00 ex VAT (fast track), £300.00 ex VAT (super-fast track) and £150.00 ex VAT (non-priority), discounts are automatically applied for credit card payment and for bulk orders.

1. Delivery / Collection

Note that you will be required to arrange with our couriers to collect the water samples for delivery back to our laboratory (instructions included with sampling instructions).

Collection of kits/return of samples. Our kits are assembled and sent from our office at Gleadthorpe. Kits may be collected and dropped off from this site (postcode NG20 9PD) Mon-Fri from 8:30-17:00.

Use this option to order courier service only if you have already recieved kits/collected samples and you need to order a courier service to return samples.

Please contact us on 01159 516747 or eDNA@adas.co.uk to enquire about this option

2. Your Details

Billing Details

UK (if outside of UK please contact eDNA@adas.co.uk)

Delivery Address

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Country UK (if outside of UK please contact eDNA@adas.co.uk)
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Payment Method

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3. Book Analysis Date

Service Speed

Please enter the number of sample kits you require for the available analyses slots below.

All samples must be returned by the Friday prior to the date selected, to guarantee analysis within 2 weeks of the date selected (or 5/2 working days if ordering fast track/super-fast track). If you would like to order kits for slots more than 2 weeks apart then please place separate orders.

Date (Monday)Last date for sample returnHow many analysis available in weekNumber of analysis required
06/04/2020 03/04/2020 24
13/04/2020 10/04/2020 300
20/04/2020 17/04/2020 399
27/04/2020 24/04/2020 400
04/05/2020 01/05/2020 400
11/05/2020 08/05/2020 300
18/05/2020 15/05/2020 300
25/05/2020 22/05/2020 300
01/06/2020 29/05/2020 300
08/06/2020 05/06/2020 300
15/06/2020 12/06/2020 300
22/06/2020 19/06/2020 400
29/06/2020 26/06/2020 400
06/07/2020 03/07/2020 200
13/07/2020 10/07/2020 200
20/07/2020 17/07/2020 200
27/07/2020 24/07/2020 200

* - These samples will not be prioritised and may be analysed after the 30th June as long as samples have been collected on or before 30th June.
  - In season analysis slots.

Please select below the date when you would like the kits delivered (Mon - Fri only).

Delivery Date

4. Confirmation

We are carrying out additional research into GCN population monitoring. If you would be willing to provide further information about your sample please tick below.

If yes an ADAS Ecologist will consult you via email on the completion of the GCN analysis


Would you be interested in attending an eDNA training course?


The data on this form will be used to provide you with the kit you have requested. We will store the fact that you have requested the kit and your contact details, but we will not send you any information beyond that which you have requested, nor will we use the data for any other purpose.

I have read and agree to the ADAS GCN eDNA service terms and conditions
I have read and understand the technical advice note

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