Water Use Efficiency

Reducing water risk in food supply chains

Agriculture is a key user of the global water resource. Much of the water that agricultural systems use is rain (green) water. Yet, about 40% of global agricultural production is reliant on irrigation (blue) water.

We are able to help companies to understand how water is being used in the production of their agricultural raw materials. We have developed a range of tools that allow us to understand the practices that are in place on-farm. These tools can assess the implications of those practices on the water use efficiency of crop production systems.

We work with companies to understand how much a specific supply chain needs and identify actions to reduce over-application. We can assist with:

Understanding the key risks to the security of your supply

Through our analysis, water security risks to your business and supply chain can be identified, quantified and prioritised. We can conduct full audits of sources and compare with supply chain requirements and use.

Identifying where production systems are vulnerable 

Water infrastructure, efficiency and opportunities using alternative sources can be evaluated. This will allow you to identify areas of potential supply risk to production.

Identifying opportunities to increase sustainability and resilience 

We can highlight opportunities to help increase performance, cost savings and enhance security of outputs. This can be done by reducing footprints (e.g. re-using and recycling water, on-farm storage and harvesting rainwater can significantly reduce mains water costs and increase sustainable water use).

We also offer additional services in relation to water quality, water management and crop water use.

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