The Sustainable Food and Farming team at ADAS provides topical advice on how to increase your businesses’ productivity.  Productivity is the ratio of outputs to inputs, which is linked to production efficiency and competitiveness in the market. Therefore measures to increase productivity involve optimising input use efficiencies, improving practices and processes, reducing waste and emissions, increasing quality, aligning with consumer and market specifications and exchanging knowledge. Not only is increasing productivity the inherent interest of any business, it also contributes towards the realisation of the 12th Sustainable Development Goal.

ADAS are able to help Food and Drink businesses identify where there are potential productivity gains within their supply chains and then provide support to businesses in developing best practice guidance to farmers and producers to aid them in reaching improved productivity goals.  The ultimate aim is to ensure that as much crop/or livestock makes it to a marketable quality for the minimum raw material inputs possible. Areas of particular interest include:

Pre-farm gate

  • Appropriate placement of the crop (location, seed rate & distribution)
  • Increased animal health and welfare
  • Optimal nutrition (right time, right type, right place, right rate)
  • Optimal pest, disease and weed management
  • Sustainable soil management practices
  • Improved harvest efficiency

Post farm gate

  • Reducing food wastage throughout the supply chain

ADAS are able to help Food and Drinks businesses identify what the yield potential is of a particular crop in a particular location and therefore identify what the opportunity is for increased efficiency, assuming that the farmer has the access to the right resources and appropriate knowledge. This information can be used to help identify the areas where investment in knowledge transfer can lead to greatest increases in productivity. 

The sustainable food and farming team have delivered productivity constraint analyses, opportunity matrices and research strategies for increasing productivity, as well as providing advisory services in the agriculture, horticulture, food and drink sectors.

ADAS is currently working with farmers and the farming industry to encourage innovation and drive increases in productivity through the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN).

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