Landscape planning, assessment and appraisal

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs) and Landscape and Visual Appraisals (LVAs) are undertaken to identify and assess the likely effects of a proposed development on the surrounding area.

Our landscape architects have undertaken many LVIAs and LVAs, not only to assess the scale of impacts but also to contribute to the design of the scheme. We can provide advice on mitigation planting to avoid or reduce significant impacts. Proposals for mitigation planting are included on a landscape mitigation plan submitted as part of the LVIA or LVA. The LVIA process significantly increases the likelihood of achieving successful planning applications.  

We can provide advice at many different levels, including initial pre-planning advice, LVAs for smaller non EIA schemes and full LVIA for EIA schemes. All assessments use the latest Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (GLVIA3). LVIAs and LVAs can include visually verified photomontages. We produce these in compliance with latest guidelines, using a full-sensor camera, tripod and GPS device to produce the most accurate visualisations.

We work with the ADAS cultural heritage team when there are potential impacts on heritage assets such as Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas. Joint settings assessments can be produced where required.

We have experience in undertaking both landscape character assessment and townscape assessment. We can carry out landscape capacity studies for residential and renewable energy projects.

We can contribute to appeals and have prepared written representations and rebuttals to third parties. In collaboration with the ADAS planning team, we have secured permission at appeal for a substantial number of schemes. 

LI registeredWhat we can offer

  • Initial site appraisal and pre-planning advice
  • LVA (non EIA)
  • LVIA (EIA)
  • Visually Verified Photomontages
  • GIS mapping and spatial analysis
  • Landscape Mitigation Plans
  • Landscape and Townscape Character Assessment
  • Environmental Colour Assessment (ECA)
  • Rebuttal to third party statements
  • Written representations for appeals
  • Expert witness services 


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