Land use

Land Use and Biodiversity

The Sustainable Food and Farming team at ADAS can provide a range of services to help businesses connect with their agricultural raw material supply chain to help understand their land use, both now and in the future.

Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

ADAS consultants provide bespoke solutions to business’ needs, whether it be understanding the deforestation risks in your supply chain, working to improve productivity or developing educational materials to share with your procurement teams.

Our experts provide support to global food businesses covering all aspects of land use and the associated risks to the supply chain. Areas of support include:

Deforestation & biodiversity

  • Development of corporate strategy and policies to move businesses in the direction of zero deforestation in supply chains.
  • Working with global food businesses to help them understand the deforestation risks in their supply chain and take actions to minimise future risks, including the sourcing of key raw materials such as palm oil, soya, timber and beef.
  • Help businesses consider the additional requirements needed from suppliers to minimise deforestation in the supply chain.
  • Help businesses understand the biodiversity implications of deforestation practices within their supply chain. 


  • Support initiatives to increase productivity (e.g. sustainable intensification), so more can be produced from the same land area rather than acquiring new land.
  • Work with corporate organisations and their food supply chain to improve the production efficiency of their crop, minimising the land area required for each unit of production. 

Land degradation

  • Establish consortiums and rehabilitation plans to promote the restoration of degraded land.
  • Identification of strategies and opportunities to help regenerate degraded land to utilise for agricultural purposes.

Minimising risk

  • Support food and drink businesses in understanding their land requirements for raw materials, and the implications of changing or increasing raw material supply on land use.
  • Understand better which of their raw materials from which sources are vulnerable to land use change through vulnerability assessments.
  • Development of educational materials to share with procurement teams to raise awareness of risks in the supply chain. 

Sarah Wynn
Managing Director, Sustainable Food and Farming
+44 (0) 1954 268249

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