Food waste

Food Waste

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), launched by the United Nations in 2016, galvanised the drive toward more sustainable production and consumption of food. Goal 12 includes a target to halve per capita food waste by 2030. The private sector has been called upon to play a key role in meeting these goals.

ADAS has supported the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) as advisors to their sector-specific working groups. We continue to work with WRAP’s Courtauld Signatory companies to identify ways to reduce waste of resources.

We can support you with the following solutions:

  • Measure – ADAS can assist in measuring and monitoring food surplus and waste using recognised methods (e.g. World Resources Institute’s Food Loss and Waste Standard and WRAP’s Food Waste Reduction Roadmap).
  • Setting targets – ADAS can help develop meaningful targets. We can then help identify food waste hotspots and actions to address them (e.g. use of by-products).
  • Increasing redistribution to keep food in the human food chain – Where surplus is identified, we will highlight opportunities to find alternative markets for surplus. We can assist in setting up relationships with redistribution partners.
  • Engaging employees and your supply chain – We provide bespoke training and workshops to raise awareness and motivate action.
  • Reporting and communicating progress – We can develop both internal and external reports to update stakeholders on progress. 

Take a look at our services to see how ADAS can help you reach your food waste reduction goals.


An introduction to our work:

Reducing Supply Chain Food Waste

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