Amenity Tree Valuations

ADAS provides expert tree valuations to numerous clients in the utilities and estate management sectors. Using industry recognised systems, ADAS arboricultural consultants can provide valuations for individual trees, groups of trees, or entire tree populations. 

Tree valuations can be provided for any purpose, from negotiating compensation for damage, to assisting with policy guidance and asset management.

Each valuation uses an expert method that relies on a significant amount of knowledge of the growth of trees and species’ differences in order to value a tree consistently. ADAS arboricultural consultants use the most appropriate method for each individual circumstance, or provide a comparison using different tree valuation methods to aid negotiation.

The ADAS arboricultural team have provided tree valuations for a range of clients including SSE Power Distribution, SP Energy Networks, West Coast Network Services Ltd and Leeds University, as well as individual members of the public.

Our services include:

  • Amenity Tree valuations for asset management
  • Amenity Tree valuations for third party claims and compensation

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