ADAS is an established third party approved supplier of benchmarking services for the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI Platform).  SAI Platform is one of the foremost industry organisations supporting food manufacturers with their sustainability challenges.   

ADAS works closely with SAI Platform acting as a preferred supplier of benchmarking services to their food business members.  Benchmarking your sustainability standard against SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) can help to raise the profile of your standard as the FSA is widely used and understood within the global agriculture and food sector. 

Our expertise in benchmarking, and knowledge of a range of agricultural sustainability standards means we can also provide benchmarking between your standard and other industry standards such as Global G.A.P., Red Tractor, LEAF etc. 

ADAS supports businesses by:

  • Carrying out benchmarks between your standard and SAI FSA or other industry standards 
  • Reviewing and implementing governance and verification processes for standards
  • Developing bespoke sustainability programmes or working with existing schemes

Business benefits of benchmarking your sustainability standard

Understand of pesticide application behaviour and fertiliser use in the supply chain 

  • Allows risks to be identified, quantified and prioritised and enable targeted actions.

Improve understanding of water, carbon or energy use in the supply chain

  • Enables targeted actions to reduce and optimise use.

Find opportunities to increase performance in sustainability

  • Highlighting opportunities to help increase financial performance, cost savings, enhance security of output and demonstrate sustainability through your supply chains.

Improve communication and engagement

  • Working with the supply chain to tackle problems together inspires mutual trust and confidence that adds value to all businesses.

Align company standards with well-established industry standard

  • benchmarking against SAI FSA increases profile of company sustainability initiatives.

ADAS can help you with all aspects of benchmarking for sustainable sourcing, see our main Sustainability Solutions page for more information on the kind of services we offer.

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