Agricultural land

Agricultural Land Classification

Are you working towards Net Zero by 2040? Do you require an agricultural land classification (ALC) survey to support a rural renewables project?

ADAS has a wealth of experience across England and Wales. In the 1980s ADAS developed and tested the ALC methodology and guidelines which are in use to this day. This expertise is retained within our company.

In 2020 ADAS completed a major re-survey of Welsh farmland for Welsh Government’s Capability, Suitability and Climate Programme. This became the largest survey programme in decades.

ADAS works for landowners, developers, councils and national governments. We provide expert evidence for a wide range of rural developments. We support solar, wind and mixed renewables projects. We work with the largest infrastructure projects - including rail, road and energy.

Our consultants are experienced, independent and trusted. We have in house environmental impact assessment (EIA) experts. We provide standalone ALC reports and mapping. We provide detailed input to EIA and Environmental Statements (ES).

If you have multiple potential sites we can provide advanced desk studies or ‘reconnaissance’ fieldwork to identify lower quality agricultural land.

To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Our ALC services Include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment / Environmental Statement
  • Identifying lower quality agricultural land
  • Supporting rural development proposals

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