Adas Brexit Policy Group

ADAS Brexit Policy Group

ADAS has a long track record in supporting Government in developing and implementing agricultural and environmental policy through our field research and modelling, evaluation of policy options and designing and delivering advice programmes. This work extends to the private sector where our understanding of the regulatory environment combined with specialist technical, business and industry knowledge is invaluable in supporting businesses to plan and adapt to changes. We are already participating in discussions to help the chemical industry to plan for potential regulatory changes. We have also established a new chemical regulatory consultancy in the Republic of Ireland as part of our Cambridge Environmental Assessments business (CEA) to ensure that ADAS can continue to act post-Brexit as a European ‘Only Representative’, for our clients who need regulatory advice and guidance to steer their export activities in Europe.

While Brexit is creating a high degree of uncertainty, ADAS evidence, analysis and practical applied knowledge will help support Government and businesses in asking the right questions, assessing options and scenarios, prioritising actions and planning for change. Our specialists focus on food, farming and the environment, all of which are expected to be impacted by Brexit. In the food and farming sector, the supply of raw materials and labour are key issues, as well as access to markets, while in farming the removal of CAP support – which may now be a more distant prospect - presents a major challenge that will affect the whole food supply chain.  

ADAS’s core strength in both public and private sector markets is in the provision of informed, independent and impartial research and consultancy to provide:

  • Robust evidence for policy/strategy development, investment appraisals and position statements
  • Impact assessments, scenario planning and feasibility studies
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Industry intelligence, analysis and insights


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