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Yield Enhancement Network (YEN)

The Yield Enhancement Network – or YEN – connects agricultural organisations and farmers who are striving to improve crop yields.

ADAS believes there to be significant scope for yield enhancement of cereals, oilseeds, pulses and other crops in the UK and abroad.  In 2012 ADAS initiated a Yield Enhancement Network – multi-sponsored and open to all – which aims to identify, encourage and support arable innovators, whether on farms or in labs.  Further details are available on the YEN website.

Our role includes:

  • Estimating yield potentials, hence yield gaps, for any crop, anywhere
  • Identifying and verifying high crop yields, through annual crop yield competitions
  • Facilitating crop analysis, to pin-point and explain causes of yield gaps and yield enhancements
  • Organising and encouraging research into innovative ideas that may enhance crop yields
  • Management and administration of the YEN

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