Weed Management

Weed Management

ADAS provides expertise in identification, understanding the biology, ecology and biodiversity and the control and management of annual and perennial weed species across arable, horticultural, grassland and amenity areas.

Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of weed management and a breadth of experience meeting the needs of our clients across a wide range of basic and complex agricultural field and glasshouse trials work, involving the initial feasibility and costing of the trials, design, data collection and collation, interpretation, report writing and presenting results and writing scientific papers.

Our team also deliver desk-based research including literature reviews and economic assessments.  Areas of work include chemical and non-chemical weed control and management, balancing the needs of agricultural production and biodiversity.

Our services include:

  • Weed identification
  • Detailed understanding of weed biology and ecology, including seed dormancy, weed germination and emergence patterns, interactions with cultivation dates and timings and weeds as a wildlife resource.
  • Resistance management
  • Herbicide resistance testing
  • Contract trials – field, outdoor pot and glasshouse
  • In-house facilities for field, glasshouse and polytunnel trials
  • Non-chemical and organic weed control
  • Integrated and cultural control and management
  • Desk studies including literature or economic reviews
  • Data interpretation and statistical analysis
  • Advice on weed control in horticulture
  • Conservation of rare arable weeds

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