Sustainable Food and Farming

Sustainable Food and Farming

ADAS’s Sustainable Food & Farming team works across food and drink supply chains from “farm to fork” to help clients address their sustainability challenges.

Our agricultural background means we’re equally at home meeting face-to-face with farmers as we are engaging with senior management in global food and drink businesses. This gives us the unique ability to work across all stages of the supply chain.

The multi-disciplinary team have a strong practical understanding of agricultural production, combined with expertise in a host of sustainability challenges including:

  • climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • water usage 
  • pesticides
  • animal welfare
  • food waste
  • soils
  • modern slavery
  • land use
  • biodiversity and much more.

Crucially, we also make full use of ADAS’ world leading agricultural and environmental technical experts to provide knowledge and support. This makes ADAS ideally placed to provide bespoke solutions, supported by evidence based research, to help clients address some of the most pressing challenges facing their business.

Each petal on this flower illustrates the many facets of our work with food businesses these areas have a strong tie in with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


ADAS is able to help food and drink businesses develop strategies and work towards goals that will help them address many of the Sustainable Development Goals, whilst also improving the profitability, resilience and responsibility of the business.

ADAS's expertise and services include:

ADAS is part of the RSK Group of companies, which offer a wider range of services to the food and drink sector that encompass development, operational and compliance risk management. These services offer comprehensive solutions to challenges of site selection, land remediation, energy efficient distribution centre design, structural integrity, permitting and traffic management as well as packaging, waste and refrigerant handling.  For further information please go to or call RSK on 01928 726006.


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