On-Farm Advice

On-Farm Advice

ADAS provides consultancy and advice to farmers, growers, landowners, their suppliers and associated organisations. We work directly for clients or deliver advice programmes on behalf of Government agencies and agriculture industry bodies, in England and Wales.

For more than 75 years ADAS has delivered independent technical and farm business advice to farmers and growers. Today we provide specialist consultancy to individual businesses and deliver knowledge transfer and advice programmes on behalf of government and industry organisations, including Farming Connect in Wales and Catchment Sensitive Farming In England.   

Our advice is underpinned by our leading edge research on crop and animal production, soil and water resources, and sustainable land use. We have a team of 50 experienced farm consultants, working across England and Wales. ADAS research and advice supports our clients in delivering profitable and efficient farm businesses, meeting ever more demanding market and regulatory requirements, and protecting the environment. We understand the context in which regulations are implemented and assist our clients in responding to the changes in EU and UK Government policy and legislation.

ADAS farm consultancy delivers independent, practical, research and evidence based advice to meet challenges of:

  • Efficient economically viable  production  
  • Protection of the environment, (in particular soil, water quality and biodiversity)
  • Meeting customer demands for safe traceable food
  • Managing risk and uncertainty in volatile markets

Our services include:

  • Farm business consultancy, business plans and reviews, cashflow forecasts
  • Benchmarking technical and financial monitoring 
  • Farm diversification, feasibility studies, investment appraisals, grant applications
  • Professional services, planning appraisals, environmental impact assessment
  • Expert opinion and legal expert witness
  • Regulation and compliance (Nitrate Vulnerable Zones’s [NVZ], cross compliance, greening, Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil [SSAFO])
  • Agri Environment Scheme applications and management advice
  • Farm infrastructure design, slurry, manure systems and pesticide facilities design
  • Soil and water management, drainage, flood risk  and irrigation
  • Arable and grassland agronomy
  • Nutrient management
  • Livestock performance and management
  • Nutrient planning and effective use of manures
  • Supply chain, resource efficiency
  • Group training, mentoring and facilitation of knowledge transfer programmes 
  • Farm scale anaerobic digestion (AD) advice

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