Landscape Assessment, Design, Management and Research

ADAS has extensive experience in providing landscape advice for all types of development at all stages of the planning process. We can provide expert advice at the initial feasibility stage highlighting any impacts and advising on methods of mitigation. For projects at the planning application stage, the ADAS landscape team can prepare landscape and visual impact assessments (LVIA) and landscape design proposals. We have extensive specialist experience in residential development and renewable energy developments.

Landscape and visual amenity and high quality landscape design are important issues in the planning application process. We offer clients credible and practical solutions to potential constraints based on our in depth experience and our access to a broad range of specialists within ADAS’ multidisciplinary organisation.

We have expertise in integrating developments sensitively into the surrounding landscape and townscape through careful analysis and design, working with the client to optimise the development to ensure planning requirements are fulfilled. A development that sits well within its landscape setting will not only achieve planning permission more easily, but will also be more desirable, adding value to the development.

Our team of landscape architects is fully integrated with our planning and development, cultural heritage, ecology and arboricultural teams.

Our team are members of the Landscape Institute and Landscape Research Group.

Our services include:

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