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Catchment management and diffuse agricultural pollution

ADAS provides catchment management solutions including catchment monitoring, the interpretation of spatial and temporal data sets, advice on the implementation of measures to improve water quality in freshwater environments and impact assessment.

Our catchment management and water quality scientists work in combination with other specialists from a wide range of disciplines including soil scientists, modellers, farm management experts and ecologists to provide a holistic approach to catchment management, addressing problems associated with Diffuse Water Pollution from Agriculture (DWPA).

ADAS has a dedicated capability with long standing experience in developing custom solutions for monitoring water quality and quantity at a range of scales. Our experts can undertake analysis and interpretation of water quality datasets and develop frameworks for source apportionment of diffuse pollutants.  We can apply a range of modelling approaches, or develop custom applications, to identify the most effective measures to mitigate diffuse pollution and assess the balance of impact between addressing inputs from diffuse and point sources.  ADAS have experience in working with nitrate, phosphorus, sediment and pesticides and by linking with our separate Cambridge Environmental Assessments (CEA) team we can undertake pesticide risk mapping and /or monitoring of losses.

Our on-farm expertise allows us to walk catchments and identify critical sources and pathways for specific diffuse pollutants.   Our in-depth knowledge of farming provides the basis for effective stakeholder engagement as part of extension activities to implement measures to reduce DWPA.  The ADAS developed FARMSCOPER tool allows scenario testing of the impact of different mitigation measures. More sophisticated models such as PSYCHIC or APT may be used to produce projections of the impact of change at larger scales both spatially and temporally.

Our services include:

  • Flow measurement
  • Monitoring of water quality parameters
  • Catchment walking
  • Development of Diffuse Water Pollution Plans
  • Nutrient management to reduce losses
  • Assessment of the impact of change
  • Identification of most effective measures to reduce DWPA
  • Policy support
  • On-farm advice

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