Farmer And Agronomist Resources

Farmer And Agronomist Resources

ADAS provides tailored support packages to farmers, agronomists, and to companies with interests in agronomy and cropping practice.

We deliver knowledge transfer services, produce publications, and have specialist speakers who attend meetings, workshops and conferences to provide expertise on a range of subjects.

We are also able to provide training on a 1:1 or group basis on a range of agricultural subjects. We deliver training  from a  basic introduction to agriculture for non-specialists (e.g. water companies) through to more detailed training on specialist topics including, but not limited to; compliance and legislation, livestock production and management, horticulture, animal health and welfare, animal husbandry, disease control, grassland management and forage conservation, pest handling and management.

We also produce crop specific publications which are provided weekly during the growing season by email. These notes cover; what is happening in the field now; what to look out for; actions for the coming week, weed, pest and disease issues; plus other important current topics.

Our publications include

Crop Action   Focuses on arable crops including cereals, oilseeds and pulses. Available from £205 per year.

Veg Notes  Focuses on major field vegetable crops as well as specialist vegetable crops such as cucurbits, asparagus and sweetcorn at relevant times of the season. Available from £245 per year.

Fruit Notes   Focuses on top and soft fruit. Available from £205 per year.

Pot and Bedding Notes   Available from £110 per year.

Hardy Ornamental Notes  Available from £110 per year.

Other publications include

Technical Update  – Two publications / year; spring and summer – arable crops.  Detailed articles based on the latest research into pest, disease and weed management, crop physiology and other topical issues.

Environment Digest  – Six publications per year.  Brief publication documenting recent publications in the environmental field e.g. sustainable production, climate change, water resources, soils and nutrients and biodiversity.  Gives a brief summary of the publication and signposts to further information.

Defra/HGCA Crop development reports  – Monthly from February to June plus November.  Assessment of cereal and oilseed crop condition each month – main pest, disease and weed issues, growth stages and drilling progress.

Defra/HGCA Harvest reports  – Weekly during cereal and oilseed harvest.  Harvest progress, early quality and yield indications.

Pest, Disease and Weed Incidence reporting  – Annual report for CRD looking at the incidence of pests, disease and weeds across key arable and horticultural crops over the previous cropping year

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