Crop Water Use

Crop Water Use

ADAS provide field research and modelling expertise to investigate crop water use at plant through to farm scale, based on our understanding of land use, crop management, soil science and crop physiology. 

We have expertise in field experimentation investigating the effects of environmental factors such as soil type, irrigation and crop management, including agro-chemicals, genotypes, nutrients and sowing dates on crop water use and water use efficiency (WUE). ADAS uses crop modelling to explain and predict the impact of these factors on crop water use at a field, farm and catchment scale. The ADAS IRRIGUIDE model calculates runoff, evaporation, transpiration and drainage on a daily basis given field-level information on soil type, cropping, irrigation, and daily weather data.

Our services include

  • Field experimentation on sites across the UK under different water regimes including rainout shelters to simulate periods of drought and irrigation including trickle and boom irrigation.
  • Evaluation of the crop water use
  • Evaluation of the physiological effect of different crop management techniques on crop water use efficiency and crop rooting.
  • Modelling the effects of different crop management factors on crop water use at a field and catchment scale

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