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Crop Physiology

The ADAS crop physiology team focus on improving performance and reducing pollution of cropping systems for food, feed and biofuel production through an understanding of crop physiology, plant genetics and crop management.

We have the largest group of crop physiologists in the UK. The core elements of the group’s expertise include:

  • Understanding the physiological processes by which crops capture resources (light, CO2, water, nutrients) and how crops use these resources to produce saleable products (crop yield & quality)
  • Understanding how environmental factors (climate, weather and soil) and crop management factors (genotype, sow date, seed rate, nutrition, agro-chemicals etc.) affect the physiological processes outlined above
  • Understanding how crop management affects the environment (e.g. risk of nitrate leaching, Greenhouse Gas [GHG] emissions)
  • Conducting sound scientific experiments and analysis that is published in international peer reviewed journals
  • Distiling sound science into practical guidance for the farm industry and transfer this guidance effectively

Our services include:

  • Understanding and estimating crop yield potential
  • Identifying crop traits for maximising yield and quality, e.g. for a changing climate
  • Measuring rooting in field and controlled environment
  • Understanding how to use precision farming data to increase yield, quality and profit (e.g. through variable nitrogen fertiliser)
  • Improving advice for fertiliser recommendations
  • Increasing crop yield through canopy management
  • Systems to maximise triticale production for feed and biofuels
  • Exploiting biofuel feed stocks for livestock feed
  • Understanding lodging and control methods
  • Identification of phytochemicals for use in medicines, personal care, nutrition and plant protection
  • Evaluating physiological effects of agro-chemicals
  • Calculating greenhouse gas emissions associated with crop production
  • Linking industry with academia through collaborative projects
  • Publication of scientific peer reviewed papers

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