Animal Health

ADAS delivers a wide range of consultancy, research and training in relation to the health and welfare of all major livestock species (including cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry), working to improve stock performance, ensure consumer needs are met and enhance industry reputation.

Specialist livestock consultants work with farmers, policy-makers, retailers and others to provide practical information and advice on animal health and welfare.  We combine commercial and scientific expertise with knowledge of legislation and emerging issues to assess the impacts of policy options for Government.

We carry out animal health benchmarking, typically based on groups using a ‘focus farm’ approach.  We also establish and monitor Key Welfare Indicators (KWIs) for different livestock sectors and use these activities as a basis for advising on changes and improvements.  We help our clients to design and monitor their own farm trials and we also have our own livestock research facility which we use to undertake more detailed studies for clients.

Our consultants provide livestock health and welfare training events for experienced managers and trainees, government policy-makers, inspectors and veterinarians.  We undertake a wide range of stakeholder consultations and knowledge transfer activities in relation to current livestock health issues.  This includes organising, facilitating and speaking at meetings and focus groups, providing information to farmers and policy-makers alike.  Our livestock consultants also work outside of the UK, both in other EU Member States and third countries, delivering short-term animal-health related consultancy projects and contributing to research work.

Our services include:

  • Policy evaluation and advice to Government
  • Animal health and welfare evaluation at farm level
  • Benchmarking, leading to improved stock health and welfare
  • Livestock health research
  • Design and monitoring of on-farm animal health studies
  • Overseas animal health and welfare compliance assessments

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