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ADAS Farming Association

Due to COVID19, we are running a series of virtual Farming Association meetings to replace our normal conferences. This means you don't need to be near any of the four ADAS sites to join our Farming Association. 
If you would be interested in joining the ADAS Farming Association,  contact

ADAS Farming Association membership provides independent strategic technical support to help you improve farm productivity.

We put current research into perspective and offer clear guidance on forthcoming agronomy decisions for our members. We also cover non-agronomy topics such as biofuels, waste regulations etc.

Conferences and meetings will cover various topics and can be attended by any member. All of our events and publications will be allocated the appropriate BASIS and NRoSo points.

All our members are affiliated to one of our four ADAS Research Centres

  • ADAS Rosemaund, Herefordshire
  • ADAS High Mowthorpe, N. Yorkshire
  • ADAS Boxworth, Cambridgeshire
  • ADAS Gleadthorpe, Nottinghamshire
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Membership benefits include:

  • 30 issues of Crop Action notes per year, weekly during the main growing season covering all crops (by email)
  • Two technical updates rounding up the latest findings from crop research projects; one at the end of February and the other in August (by email). 
  • Invitation to conferences and meetings with ADAS specialists summarising how the latest research can help you increase profits.
  • Access to members online portal
  • Farm/trial walks with ADAS experts
  • Access to key experts, by phone and e-mail.

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Join the ADAS Farming Association

If you would like to join, please contact your nearest local association leader

ADAS Rosemaund

Chloe Morgan
Tel: 01432 821014

ADAS High Mowthorpe

Kate Storer
Tel: 01944 738646

ADAS Boxworth

Sacha White
Tel: 01954 267659

ADAS Gleadthorpe

Sarah Kendall
Tel: 01623 848390

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