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WEBINARS: Insects as Food and Feed Conference 2021 - Royal Entomological Society

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Online Webinars

20-22 April 2021

Free Event

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 Insects as Food and Feed conference will take place online, on 20, 21 and 22  April 2021, hosted by the Royal Entomological Society.

Please see the agenda for the three mornings below. Places can be booked by visiting the Royal Entomological Societies web site.

WEBINARS: Insects as Food and Feed Conference 2021 - Royal Entomological Society

Event date: 20/04/2021 09:30 - 22/04/2021 11:30 Export event

The UK has a world-renowned reputation in agricultural innovation, based on long-established farming industries.  UK farming includes aquaculture, livestock, arable, and horticultural production, and insect farming is becoming another aspect of the UK agricultural industry.

This conference, coordinated by ADAS, the Royal Entomological Society, and Michelmores will bring together key scientists, industry representatives, policymakers and early innovators from across the UK.

For more information about this event, please contact Mark Ramsden


Day 1: Policy and Legislation

Chaired by Peter Smithers, Royal Entomology Society (RES)

09.30 am Meeting opens.

  • Housekeeping - Fran Sconce (RES)
  • Welcome from the RES - Richard Harrington (RES)
  • Introduction to the conference - Peter Smithers (RES)
  • FERA research & its role in the Insect Bioconversion Forum - Andrew Swift (FERA)
  • Post Brexit policy and legislation - Freya Lemon (Michelmores)
  • Zero Waste Scotland, A progress report - William Clark (Zero Waste Scotland)
  • Q&A with Speakers - Chair Peter Smithers.


  • How can the feed system shift towards reduced environmental impact and what role can insect protein play in this? - Mollie Gupta (WWF), Charles Ffoulkes (ADAS) and industry representatives.
  • Opportunity for insect protein in animal feed
  • Development of a roadmap for scaling up insect production in the UK
  • Future vision and recommendations for the industry
  • Industry insights and perspectives
  •  Panel session
  • Closing remarks and outline of the next two days.

12.30 pm Meeting closes

Day 2: Insects as Food

Chaired by Peter Smithers, (RES)

9.30 am Meeting opens.

  • Housekeeping - Fran Sconce (RES)
  • Welcome and outline of the session - Peter Smithers (RES)
  • A European perspective from the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPFF)
  • "You’ll never get kids to it that”: Introducing edible insects into Welsh School canteens - Dr Verity Jones (University of the West of England)
  • Farming Insects for food, a global perspective - Adam Banks & Nick Rousseau (Woven Network)
  • The Palm Weevil Project -  Tilly Collins(Imperial College)


  • Bugfarm Foods, the story so far - Sarah Beynon (Bug Farm Foods)
  • Panel discussion
  • Day 2 Summary - Sarah Beynon.
  • Closing remarks - Peter Smithers (RES)

11:30 Meeting closes

Day 3 Insects as Feed

Chaired by Mark Ramsden RES/ADAS

09.30 am Meeting opens.

  • Housekeeping - Fran Sconce (RES)
  • Welcome and introduction to the day - Mark Ramsden (ADAS/RES)
  • Farming insects as part of a sustainable food and farming future in the UK -Vicky Hird & Tilly Jarvis (Sustain)
  • Nutritious Mealworms produced using circular economy principles. Olivia Champion (Entec Nutrition)
  • Insect Doctors: Educating the next generation of insect pathologists to tackle infectious diseases in insect mass rearing. Helen Hesketh (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)


  • Entocycle, Innovation & development. Kieran Whitaker (Entocycle)
  • Black soldier fly larvae in British livestock farming: options, opportunities and outlook -Miha Pipan (Entomics)
  • Panel discussion.
  • Conference highlights and Earth Day celebration.
  • Day 3 Summary - Kieran Whitaker
  • Closing remarks - Mark Ramsden (ADAS/RES)

11.30 am Meeting closes

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