WEBINAR - New approaches to help improve the productivity of your crops

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The UK has a fantastic environment for growing crops and has some of the highest potential yields in the world. However, current yields are often only half of the potential yield. Finding achievable ways to improve crop productivity is essential for any farmer as costs rise, Brexit looms and climate change threatens. We've joined forces with The CropTec Show to help you find out more about new approaches to improve crop productivity - join us on Monday 4th Nov at 11am!

WEBINAR - New approaches to help improve the productivity of your crops

Event date: 04/11/2019 11:00 - 11:45 Export event

Are you looking for ways to:

  • increase your yields in an environmentally sustainable way?
  • take part in YEN?
  • find information on schemes using benchmarking data?
  • benchmark against other farms?
  • identify yield constraining factors?
  • test ideas using on-farm trialling?

Join ADAS Head of Crop Physiology, Dr. Pete Berry, in our webinar at 11 am on Monday 4th November 2019, where we will explore new approaches for farmers hoping to accomplish more yield year on year in an environmentally sustainable way. 

We will discuss new approaches like the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) which are able to give growers a better understanding of the yield performance of their own crops using accurate field data and to benchmark their crops against other fields and farms. Schemes like the YEN help farmers to identify and tackle any yield constraining factors so they can close the gap between their current yield and the potential yield for their environment.

We’ll also discuss on-farm trialling – a major growth area in applied research, which puts the scientific tools needed in the hands of the farmer, so they can test ideas for overcoming yield constraints identified by the YEN on their own farms and fields. With support from dedicated researchers, farmers can not only improve their own yields but drive innovation across the entire arable sector.

How to attend

Register your attendance here.

Make sure you sign up for the webinar and submit your question for Pete to answer – don’t worry, you'll receive a reminder and details on how to access the webinar closer to the time!

Meet the speaker

Dr. Pete Berry, Head of Crop Physiology team

Pete has been with ADAS for 15 years and leads the ADAS Crop Physiology team. He is based at ADAS High Mowthorpe in North Yorkshire. Prior to this, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher in crop science at Nottingham University. The main aim of his work is to improve performance and reduce pollution of cropping systems through an understanding of crop physiology, plant breeding and agronomy. His goal is to produce sound practical advice for the farming industry which is based on rigorous and high-quality research (he has authored >40 peer-reviewed research papers). His projects engage with a wide range of audiences including farmers, agronomists, policymakers and scientists. Important areas of his research include; increasing crop yields sustainably, optimising nitrogen nutrition of crops, exploitation of precision farming technologies, lodging control & plant growth regulation and development of reliable pest thresholds. He works on a wide range of crops including all cereals, oilseed rape and grassland in the UK and overseas (USA, Ireland, China, Mexico).

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