Plant Health in Horticulture Conference 2020 - Integrated Pest Management and environmentally sensitive control

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Plant Health in Horticulture Conference 2020 - Integrated Pest Management and environmentally sensitive control

Event date: 21/10/2020 17:15 - 18:00 Export event

Plant Health in Horticulture Conference 2020

12th - 23rd October 2020

Tyfu Cymru welcomes you to the launch of the Plant Health in Horticulture Conference this October, which aims to bring together commercial growers and stakeholders from across the horticulture industry.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to deepen their knowledge of how they can reduce waste and losses resulting from pests and diseases, improve business through plant health diagnosis, as well as an understanding of compliance with biosecurity and plant health legislation now and after Brexit. There will be key briefings from the Welsh Government, and leading plant health professionals as well as opportunities to exchange ideas with plant health experts and horticulture sector leaders.

The conference will be held virtually over a two-week period with daily sessions delivered in a range of formats from talks to virtual tours to panel discussions. Tyfu Cymru looks forward to hosting the conference and welcoming speakers and delegates from all corners of the country.

The Plant Health in Horticulture Conference is 100% fully funded by Tyfu Cymru in collaboration with the National Botanic Garden of Wales

Programme Highlights

During registration, you will be invited to select which sessions you wish to attend. Please note: all attendees will be automatically registered for the opening and closing conference sessions.

Wednesday 14th October, 1 pm - 2 pm -  Virtual Tour of Crug Farm Plants

Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones - Owners of Crûg Farm Plants.
Ellie Pay - Propagator, Crûg Farm Plants.
Chris Creed - Fruit Consultant, ADAS

This film is a very exciting opportunity to have a tour around the renown Crûg Farm Plants in North Wales and hear an interview with Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones. They are intrepid plant hunters who have explored the world to build their collections. The nursery is a wonderful source of exotic plants. Chris Creed will be asking those questions to which we all want to know the answers. Ellie Pay, who is very active in the Young Propagators’ Society will be talking about her work at the nursery as well. An event not to be missed.

Wednesday 21st October, 5:15 pm - 6 pm - Integrated Pest Management and environmentally sensitive control

Dr Nick Bean and Pat Bean - Owners, Springfields Fresh Produce

Nick and Pat bean have successfully grown vegetables and soft fruit in Pembrokeshire for many years, leading the way in business development. This case study describes their involvement in a European Innovation Project, led by ADAS, which will improve the knowledge and experience of integrated pest management to reduce pesticide usage and waste.

Thursday 22nd October, 5:15 pm - 6 pm - Pest and disease identification and control for commercial growers

David Talbot - Horticulture Consultant, ADAS

Bransford Webb is one of the leading growers of ornamental plants in the UK. This is a filmed case study on Bransford Webb’s use of biological pest control.  The film includes an introduction to the business outlining the types of ornamental crops produced and the markets supplied. It then moves on to describe why biological controls are used for pests and how long they have been used. Showing the nursery, the film outlines which pests are controlled with commercially available, introduced biological controls and how predators are used to proactively manage pest populations.  Important information on how pest outbreaks are dealt with and why biological controls are used, including the benefits that they bring to the business, is shown and discussed.

Find out more

To view the full programme, please visit the Tyfu Cymru website

To register for the conference, please click HERE.

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