National Food Strategy Calls for Urgent Action to Deliver Food Chain Resilience

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The Government has recently opened a call for evidence to inform the proposed National Food Strategy. Headed by Henry Dimbleby, with support from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the review will assess the entire food chain from farm to fork.

National Food Strategy Calls for Urgent Action to Deliver Food Chain Resilience

In light of increasing uncertainty surrounding food security, associated with issues such as environmentally damaging intensive farming practices and increasing levels of food related disease, the National Food Strategy report will aim to provide the government and industry with the necessary means to ensure our food chain is resilient to environmental changes and has the potential for growth to provide healthy food in the future.

The government will publish a multi-disciplinary National Food Strategy following a review of evidence provided by stakeholders. A white paper will be published in the summer of 2020.

As our understanding of climate change and associated environmental degradation increases, it is becoming clear that more needs to be done to protect the resilience and sustainability of our food supply chains. With the population predicted to increase over the coming decades, these issues present a number of challenges for food security. Through the National Food Strategy, the Government aims to better understand and implement measures that will allow for increased sustainability and security in our food systems as these issues became more pronounced. These measures may be existing innovative technologies such as the use of drones and robots in farming and a focus on local sourcing, or new ideas that have the potential for affecting change. Global heating, soil degradation, biodiversity loss and water scarcity are all having profound impacts on our ability to produce healthy food at the levels needed to feed the population. Action is needed to mitigate the impacts of potentially damaging practices to ensure food security and an enhanced natural environment in the future.

The report’s writers would like to hear from a myriad of stakeholders, whether they be producers, processors, retailers, policy specialists, farm labourers, factory workers or interested members of the public. By collecting the opinions and ideas of an as diverse group of stakeholders as possible, the report hopes to gather inspiration to help the government transform our food system.

To contribute to the National Food Strategy as a stakeholder, please visit the National Food Strategy website. 

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