Launch of ADAS data science and digital delivery – ‘ADAS Digital’

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‘ADAS Digital’ is a new initiative that aims to coordinate the delivery and communication of all of our projects that utilise data science or digital technology. Digital projects are becoming more and more common across the breadth of our business, from the handling and analysis of crop yield data to the development of interactive web platforms to gather stakeholder opinions. The new ADAS Digital web pages have been launched to inform and inspire our clients and collaborators so that they can consider innovative and expert digital solutions to their challenges.

Launch of ADAS data science and digital delivery – ‘ADAS Digital’

ADAS has been using digital technology to support food production and environmental management for many years and has been involved in the development of many of the new systems in use today. The way in which we use digital data and digital technology to address real world problems is always evolving, which means it can be difficult for our clients to be kept fully informed of the scope of what we can offer.  ADAS Digital has been established to coordinate and communicate our use of digital technology across our business.

ADAS Digital encompasses a wide range of tools and techniques including electronic data capture, management and analysis of large datasets, development of models, and creation of digital tools that can be used in real world scenarios. By applying digital technology to challenges in the environmental, agricultural and rural sectors, we deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions in strategic and policy advice, research and development.

Data capture and remote sensing

ADAS provides the hardware, software and expertise for the digital capture of field data, enabling measurements and observations to be recorded efficiently and accurately.

ADAS and partner, Bluesky International have completed a multi-million pound aerial mapping project to assess the impact of vegetation on the electricity network of East Anglia and the South East of England. The project involved undertaking the largest ever combined laser mapping and aerial photography survey commissioned by an electricity distribution network operator in the UK; some 34,000 square kilometres. Read more

ADAS Data capture and remote sensing webpage

Data management, data analysis and GIS

ADAS provides a range of digital data management options to suit the complexity and nature of the data and the needs of our clients. Our understanding of the data enables us to perform analyses and manipulations using statistical software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

ADAS analysed a digital tree map of Cambridge using GIS to quantify the density and canopy cover of trees within areas of different land-uses, wards and ownership categories in the City. The resulting maps and statistics were used to recommend a revision of managerial strategies and planting schemes, and identified tree protection and maintenance hotspots in the city of Cambridge. Read more

ADAS Data management, data analysis and GIS webpage

Environmental modelling

ADAS develops environmental models and tools underpinned by robust science to maximise the value of data to our clients and to improve current or future management decisions.

ADAS led a consortium of groundbreaking work on the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) Research and Development project to develop a Farm Scale Resource Use Efficiency Calculator. The main aim of creating this calculator was to understand the environmental and economic impact of farm management decisions relating to resource use. Read more

ADAS Environmental modelling webpage

Software design and decision support tools

ADAS develop bespoke software tools for operational management, policy implementation and knowledge exchange.

PLANET and MANNER-NPK are free nutrient management software tools for use by farmers and their advisers.

PLANET (Planning Land Applications of Nutrients for Efficiency and the environmenT) is a nutrient management decision support tool for field level nutrient planning and for assessing and demonstrating compliance with the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) rules.

MANNER-NPK is a practical software tool that provides farmers and advisers with a quick estimate of crop available nitrogen, phosphate and potash supply from applications of organic manure.

To download a copy or find out more, click here


ADAS Software development and decision support tools webpage

ADAS Digital

To find out more about ADAS data science and digital delivery (ADAS Digital) visit our new webpage;

ADAS Digital

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