Grass Herbal Leys Farm Network meeting

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The Grass & Herbal Leys Farm Network was set up in 2018 to investigate the long-term impacts of leys in the rotation. There are now over 200 members of the network including farmers, researchers and other industry representatives.

The next meeting will be held on 27 February 2020 at West Retford Hotel followed by a farm visit to Howard Farms.

Grass Herbal Leys Farm Network meeting

Event date: 27/02/2020 09:45 - 15:45 Export event

The network has identified a need for more information on the benefits of temporary leys on soil quality, weed control and practical information on rotation management. This meeting will focus on these key areas and discuss how we can best work together to address the knowledge gaps.

ADAS Principal Soil Scientist Lizzie Sagoo said:

“The network gives a great platform for farmers and researchers to work together to identify the longer-term benefits of leys. We are particularly keen to hear from farmers willing to take part in future projects who have, or are considering introducing, grass or herbal leys into their rotations”

The meeting is free to attend and open to all, however registration is required as places are limited. To register email or phone 01954 268200

To register to join the Grass and Herbal Leys Network, please click here to complete a short questionnaire on your use of/interest in grass/herbal leys. Please note that registration for the meeting and for the network are managed separately. If you would like to attend the meeting, but have not yet registered with the network, please register for both.


Best Western West Retford Hotel, 24 North Road, Retford, DN22 7XG. Get directions



Registration and refreshments




Introduction to the Grass & Herbal Leys Network


Rotational benefits of grass/herbal leys


Session 1: Soils - impacts of temporary leys on soil quality

  • Soil quality benefits of leys. David Powlson, Rothamsted
  • Assessing soil quality. Anne Bhogal, ADAS
  • Discussion – how can the network address soil quality knowledge gaps


Session 2: Weeds – using leys to manage weeds

  • Leys for cultural control of blackgrass. Lynn Tatnell, ADAS
  • Managing weeds from the ley in the following arable crop
  • Discussion – how can the network address the knowledge gaps on weed management




Session 3: Rotations – managing leys within the rotation

  • Integrating leys into the rotation – industry best practice advice. Helen Mathieu, Germinal
  • Practical experience of leys in the arable rotation. Joe Howard, Howard Farms
  • Discussion – how can the network address the knowledge gaps on managing leys in the rotation


Summary and next steps


Depart for Howard Farms

  • Farm walk including farm ley fields, Joe Howard
  • Assessing soil structure in the field. Anne Bhogal, ADAS



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