Don't forget BPS and Countryside Stewardship Deadlines

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ADAS has been busy working with clients to complete the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Countryside Stewardship (CS) annual claim submissions for 2020 before the original deadline of May 15th.  We have been using all sorts of new methods in order to complete the claims without going to physically see our clients during the Covid19 lockdown periods.

Like our farming clients, we have met and overcome these challenges and have met all the original deadlines.

Don't forget BPS and Countryside Stewardship Deadlines

As the Covid19 pandemic continues Defra have extended the deadline for claim submissions until 15th June, which will be welcomed by those who for various reason have still to submit their claims.  ADAS advisers are still able to help you complete your annual BPS and CS claims and also to order Mid-Tier application packs for those people interested in applying for a new CS scheme for a 2021 start.

You have until 31st May to apply for a paper mid-tier application form or until 30th June to apply for an online one. With changes to the Basic Payment Scheme due to start from 2021 the proposed reductions are currently due to apply to claims but this could change.

Payment Band Maximum Reduction
up to £30,000 5%
£30,000 - £50,000 10%
£50,000 - £ 150,000 20%
£150,000 or more 25%

A business currently receiving £30,000 in BPS will lose £1,500 in 2021, whilst a business receiving £50,000 currently will lose (£30,000 x 5%) plus (£20,000 x 10%) making a deduction of £3,500 in 2021. The larger your current claim the larger the potential deductions.

Looking at Countryside Stewardship options will enable businesses to recover some of these losses, by carefully considering the productive capacity of the land farmed, the margin it produces compared to the money CS Mid-Tier will pay for an alternative use of that land. The scheme can be a win-win for many farmers in that it will help the environment and also provide a good income for the business, whilst also increasing the public perception of farmers.

Contact us for help

If you need help with BPS, CS claims or would like help in applying for a Mid-Tier Agreement for 2021 then why not contact your local ADAS Adviser.

North West

Stephen Watson

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Stephen Watson

Yorkshire Humber and North East

Fiona Tweedie

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Fiona Tweedie

West Midlands

Tony Turner

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Tony Turner

East Midlands

Rosemary James

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Rosemary James

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Mel Holloway

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