CASE STUDY: Whole Farm Review - Dairy

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Farming is a highly competitive market and the running costs of farming are getting higher. It is played on a global field, which means it is essential for farmers to make the most of their existing resources be it labour, machinery or livestock. The uncertainty created by Brexit adds further pressure meaning farms need to be in the best possible shape to survive and grow.

CASE STUDY: Whole Farm Review - Dairy

ADAS have a wide range of expertise across all farming enterprises and have delivered 1,000’s of farm reviews, which means we are perfectly placed to help you plan out the priorities for the business and highlight areas that will save you money.


Dave and Meg are a husband and wife team with a 200 cow dairy unit in Staffordshire supplying to a milk wholesaler. They were keen to grow but were undecided on how best to achieve this. They were primarily torn between investing in new technology to improve efficiency and extending the herd number by 20 cows.


How we were able to help:

  • We undertook a whole farm review to understand the resources and key costs of the business.
  • We used benchmarking and financial analysis to identify areas of efficiency.
  • We created an options appraisal of potential opportunities with recommendations on how to proceed.


We recommended investing in new technology in the form of a robotic milking parlour to improve yield and reduce labour requirements. We are now working with Dave and Meg on the financing options to identify any grants that may be available to purchase the parlour and to work with them on discussions with their bank. We are also working on a small feasibility study to understand the potential return from selling raw milk at the farm gate.

Project Team

For more information on how we can help your business, please contact Kathleen Wolton.

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