Asian Market Opens up to British Meat Products

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Over the last 12 months, a number of new markets have opened up for British animal products across the Asian continent. Japan, Taiwan, India and China have all started to accept British reared beef, pork and lamb. These new markets offer significant growth opportunities for the British food industry.

Asian Market Opens up to British Meat Products

Following the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE; or ‘mad cow disease’) outbreak in the 1990s, importers such as Japan and China stopped buying meat products from affected countries, including the UK. These countries have now decided to lift their 20 year ban on British beef and have now started importing again. The new Japanese and Chinese markets for beef are estimated to be worth £75million and £250million respectively, over the first five years alone. This offers UK farmers a valuable market place for their produce. Japan has also started to import British reared lamb to an estimated value of £52million over the first five years; combined with their beef imports, the Japanese market for beef and lamb is estimated at £127million. 

In India, a new market has also opened for British lamb which is estimated to be worth £6million in the next five years. Taiwan is also a newly emerging market for British pork. The Taiwanese market presents a number of unique opportunities for British exporters because of the demand for parts of the carcass that are undesirable in other market areas. In this market, farmers and exporters are able to generate income from the whole pig carcass. It is expected that the British pork market in Taiwan will be worth £50million over the next five years.

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